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I’ve deceded to make an appearance in The Australian Drug Free Power lifting Federation. The Australian championships are on the 10th August and the World’s are in St Petersburg Russia, in September. I plan to compete in both in the “Raw” division (unequipped) as I see this as the true test of strength!

I can’t stand the amount of equipment and lifting aids that are allowed in powerlifting these days so I will make a point of lifting heavy, using only a lifting belt. 100% Drug Free RAW.

Mission: I plan to break every super heavy record at the Nationals and to smash 3 of the 4 world records (unassisted) in the Worlds.

Stay Tuned Stay Focused

About Derek Boyer

Derek Boyer, Strength Specialist, 8 times World Strongest Man competitor and finalist, Martial Artist, TV Personality, movie actor and life coach. As seen in cinema, Transworld International Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, MTV, Euro Sports, variety shows worldwide and all major Australian television networks.
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