Official Guinness World Records

guinnesslogotransparentJoin me on my Strength Quest! I have dedicated my life to the great challenges that lay before me.

I am willing to travel to the far corners of the world to test my full intellect, strength, courage and determination in attaining what was previously thought impossible.

This page is a compilation of my endeavours.  My hope as always is both to entertain and inspire  . . .


Soudal / T-Rex 2014 New Guinness World Record

A NEW GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!! “Longest time to hold up 500 kg with the shoulders” previously set by Canadian strongman priest Kevin Fast with a time of 61.4 secs as now been beaten by Derek Boyer with a new time of 69.08 secs.


V8 Engine Carry

Derek picked up carried a V8 Ford Cleveland 302 motor weighing 190kg a distance of 20mtr in 21 sec for an official Guinness World Record on Channel 9 Today program -12th September, 2012.


Man vs. Machine – 2011 (Pending Record)

In 2011, in Winton, Qld, Australia Derek tackled a massive road train.  After 8 minutes of extreme exertion he managed to shift it 60cm (24 inches)


Carry 300kg over 20 Metres – 2011

In 2011 Derek Boyer broke the Guinness World Record for carrying 300 kilograms over a distance of 20 meters in less than 8.6 seconds.


Longest Crucifix Hold – 2010


The longest crucifix hold with 10 kg dumbbells is 1 min 57.85 sec and was achieved by Derek Boyer (Australia) on the set of Australia Smashes Guinness World Records at the Warringah Mall, Sydney, Australia, on 25 January 2010.


Car Flipping World Record

In Winton, Qld, Australia, Derek Boyer set a new Guinness World Record – “Flip a car 10 times”


Shane Crawford’s/Derek Boyer GUINNESS WORLD RECORD – Most Bench Pressed

Shane Crawford, along with Derek Boyer (Australia’s strongest man) broke the Guinness world record for the most bench presses in 60 seconds on the 2010 AFL Grand FInal Footy Show.


Heaviest Vehicle Pulled over 100 ft – 2005

Derek Boyer pulls a Kenworth K104 truck weighing 51,840 kg (114,287 lb) over a level 100 ft (30.48 m) course in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on 6 March 2005.

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