Training for the Beginner

I am constantly being asked by many young men for training advice. Here is a program and some pointers to get you started.

Note: Make sure you get a physical form your doctor, and make sure you do not have any medical problems that would prevent you from exercising intensely.


Exercise Sets Reps This routine should be completed 3 days of the week to begin with. Have a full day to recover between workouts. Ideally Monday, Wednesday & Friday is a good schedule to keep.
Squat 1 20
Leg Curl 1 15
Stand Calf Raise 1 20
Benchpress 1 12-15 Workout: Start with a poundage you could easily complet double the reps indicated on the routine. For the first 3 weeks your goal will be to concentrate on learning proper form with full range of motion. Execute each rep in a slow and controlled manner. Avoid bouncing and using momentum.

Always breath deeply and exhale forcefully.

Press behind neck 1 10
Dips 1 10-15
Wide Grip Pulldown 1 12
Barbell Curl 1 12
Ab Crunch 1 30

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