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17 Sept @ 3:20pm I pulled an R.T.A. roadworthy “Road Train” provided by Grants Transport, weighing 62.9 Tonne a distance of 5.2 Mtrs and shortly after pulled the same “Road Train” with an extra trailer attached (Prime Mover with 4 Boagies and dolly system between each trailer) a distance of 1.8 Mtrs.

Berek Boyer- road train
Pulling a road train a Winton (click image for large size)

Note: We took 5 Mtrs as a minimum course distance so the final pull attempted will be considered unofficial and a work in progress. I will be back to attempt the 4 trailer (78 Tonne) pull to the 5 mtr mark. (Weighbridge cert and surveyors report provided with official eyewitness will be forwarded to Guinness World Records for consideration.)

Derek Boyer - Truck Pull
Straining at the Bit

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Derek Boyer, Strength Specialist, 8 times World Strongest Man competitor and finalist, Martial Artist, TV Personality, movie actor and life coach. As seen in cinema, Transworld International Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, MTV, Euro Sports, variety shows worldwide and all major Australian television networks.
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