New Guinness World Record. March Oh Yeah! My second Guinness World Record!

Lytton, the industrial area of Brisbane I managed with the help of Cahill Transport to break the existing truck pulling record held by Canadian Strongman Priest Kevin Fast of Ontario (46.69 Ton vehicle over a 30 mtr course) I achieved a new mark of 51.84 tonne vehicle pulled over a 30 mtr course in 48 sec!!!. Channel 7 “Guinness World Records” program and Official Guinness referees adjudicated the attempt with the necessary surveyors report and weigh bridge certification and soon after confirmed a successful attempt. “Come One, Come All. I now leave this matter to the World at large to better this mark!”

Derek Boyer
exhusted… with a new offical work Guinness record!!!!
Derek Boyer- Truck pull
the heat is on

About Derek Boyer

Derek Boyer, Strength Specialist, 8 times World Strongest Man competitor and finalist, Martial Artist, TV Personality, movie actor and life coach. As seen in cinema, Transworld International Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, MTV, Euro Sports, variety shows worldwide and all major Australian television networks.
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