New Guinness World Record / Crucifix

New Guinness World Record in Milan on Italian TV for the Crucifix. I currently own the World Record for 10 kg in each hand for 1 minute 57 same condos. I met a lot of amazing people from around the world with special talents. I believe we all have a special gift and Guinness is…

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Oceania Sumo Middle Weight Champion!

Finding success is delicious! Winning the Sumo Oceania Championships in New Zealand is very satisfying. I lost 12.05kg in just 20 days to make the middle weight division to dominate and win every fight.

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Watch Me Lose 10kg in 20 Days

I love a challenge Competing as an elite strength athlete over the years, I have purposely manipulated my diet to gain muscle, body weight and strength, so I have lots of weight loss tips and secrets under my belt. Generally I have fluctuated between125kg and 148kg to compete in the World’s Strongest Man, and my…

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My Chiropractor Saved Me

I’ll be turning 45 years old soon and let me tell you I am not jumping out of bed in the mornings as I once did when I was 20 something. It is a well known fact that as we get older recovery slows down and becomes an incredibly important concern, especially if you happen…

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“If your shits are solid and you can Dead lift heavy what more do you want from Life”

When asked why I  have pushed myself to the very limits and beyond with all things to do with Strength and Performance my answer has been simple: “I believe that when you die you have no strength at all when you are close to death you will have little strength to use so it stands…

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“I turn Everyday Human Beings into Machines”


enquire at Derek Boyer

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Derek Boyer Wins Masters Ultimate
World Strongest Man

14 years in the making!

Beating everyone at World Strongest Man, Morocco 1998 in the Carry and Drag.

14 years later, with long hair gone and a change of war paint, Derek Boyer has beaten everyone again in the Carry and Drag to win The 2012 ‘Ultimate’ Masters World Strongest Man Title in Belfast, Ireland.

“At 43 years of age I feel the strongest I have ever been!”

I generally fluctuate my body weight between 130 kg for television/ movie roles and 150kg for Strongman.

This comp I tried something different and purposely lost 13 kg in the last 20 days leading to competition. I went from 145kg down to 132kg and it made all the difference!

I felt stronger, more energized and had loads of stamina to dominate right through the competition.

Losing 13 kg in 20 days is easy!

I followed the Boyer weight loss principles to my normal training plan and the unnecessary weight melted off, dramatically increasing my performance to win.

If you are looking for a fast, effective and safe weight loss solution to increase your everyday performance go to http://BoyerWeightLoss.com or register in the opt-in box below on the 30-day weight loss challenge and apply the principles now, to achieve your own amazing victory!


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