23-24 Aug. World record breakers-Poland

In an extreme sport this is one of the most extreme tests. 8 athletes try to break 8 world records. 4 of these athletes have won w.s.m the current w.s.m was there to set the pace.a.k.a Super Mario he set a blistering pace and won the comp decisively. Breaking one world record by carrying a 175kg of steel for over 100 mtrs. I managed 6th overall and consider that a personal win for me. Beating any of these guys at this level is a prized achievement.

Record Breakers
Janne Virtanen-Svend Karlsen-Andrus Murumets-Zydrunas-Savickus-Marivsz Pudzianowski-Jaroslian Dymek-Derek Boyer-Magnus Samvalson

A special thanks go to Musashi, the Albury Council, and the Qantas staff at Sydney airport for their support in getting me to Poland, with, so much support it’s impossible to fail.

About Derek Boyer

Derek Boyer, Strength Specialist, 8 times World Strongest Man competitor and finalist, Martial Artist, TV Personality, movie actor and life coach. As seen in cinema, Transworld International Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, MTV, Euro Sports, variety shows worldwide and all major Australian television networks.
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