23, 24, 25 January Chinese Strongman Exhibition

I flew from Australia to Hong Kong where I was greeted by three Vikings, Svend Karlson, Magnus Samualson and Jani Virtininan. All three have won World Strongest Man Comp.

Svend and Derek
Svend and I Ramming up the Gold Pigs (150kg – 160kg) on to platforms

We were ferried to the Chinese mainland and proceeded to demonstrate our Strongman wares in front of curious crowds. The reception was great and the service was 5 star. The Chinese although short by stature are very polite and very hospitable.

Events demonstrated were Bus Pulling, Tug O War, Tyre Flipping, Conan’s Wheel, Stone Pig Lifting, Boat Pulling and some new ones – Catching Ping Pong Balls with Chop Sticks and my favorite Eel Catching.

flexing in front of Viking Giants
Flexing in front of Viking Giants

This all made for good fun and served as a great advertising platform for a major Strongman International Comp later this year in October, back in China.

The old V the New
That’s me in the background 3 years ago. I’ve lost the mullet and have shrunk down to 137kg (300lbs)

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