17 0ct All Strength Nations Challenge St Maartin / Caribbean.

Eight 4 man world teams fought for supremacy on the sun bleached beach in front of little Divi Bay resort.

I was elected team captain of the island warrior team, a difficult job trying to meld 4 men from very different backgrounds and sports (two international rugby players and a new comer from the States. We had not seen each other before and it seemed we all had different ideas of how to compete. We lacked the necessary chemistry to be a force in these sort of team events and we paid the price.

Derek Boyer wrestling on the beach
Wrestling on the Beach

From the start, although we were very mobile as a team, we lacked the necessary horse power to beat other teams, so a frustrating pattern emerged of us missing the required mark by the smallest of margins, I believe we had opportunity at times to win specific events but failed to coordinate our efforts maximally. Our aim is to learn from this and move on.

Derek Boyer Drinking Rum
Drinking Rum with Fast Eddie and friends on the beach front of Little Divi Bay Resort.
It’s hard not to smile!

From my observations, the best team profile during the comp was that the of overwhelming winners, Team Ukraine. Rarely did I ever see their team apart during the 10 days we were there. They were of similar height/weight and strength and importantly strategically danced to the same tune. In the end it was a machine like effect. St Maartin , I recommend for any traveller seeking “the tropical paradise”. Beautiful one day, even better the next. And by night you can sit back and enjoy the local coconut rums and gentle sea breezes that cool the hot Caribbean nights.

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