6 Kilo’s of Body Weight in 1 Week

Whilst on the comeback trail to compete in the International Strongman Competition I secured an entry into the “United Strongman Series” Final in Bangkok Thailand. I weighed 130kg at the time and really felt like I needed an edge (drugs were not an option)

I made a trip to Jon Davie at Musashi on the Gold Coast and walked away with a supplement program.

• Musashi recovery (4 servings/day)
• Musashi Mass (4servings/day)
• Musashi Joint Support (4 servings/day)
• Multi Vitamin (2 servings/day)
• Flax Seed Oil (4 capful servings/day)
• Magnesium (2000 mg per day) Combining these supplements I took 4 servings per day for a week alternating between 4 high protein meals and wow!!!!

One week later I weighed a hard 136 kg with a considerable strength gain. ( I had been training farmers walk with 140 kg in each hand and could only do 45 mtrs to start, but soon after extended this mark to 80 mtrs) and felt strong as a bull. I kept going and three weeks later I arrived in Bangkok weighing in at 139 kg and felt great!!! I competed strongly and in a field of 10 internationals I placed 4th overall with consistent performances in all events.

Job Done!!!

I kept on the supplement program and 2 weeks later won against the best strength athletes in Australia. I felt the “Musashi Recovery” was the cornerstone for mass gains and strength gains and is truly a great product..

Why Strongman?

I am often asked by media, concerned family, friends and curious spectators, why do I involve myself in such an extreme sport involving the lifting back breaking poundages, flipping cars, pulling trains etc.

Derek Boyer - pulling a train
The Strain Game. Pulling a train on the Zambezzie Bridge in Zambie for a world strongest man comp. (ex W.S.M. Champion Jpoka Ahola helps)


My general answer is this; “When a person is dead they have no strength at all. In fact they simply fade away. When a person is close to death, they have little strength to use. So it stands to reason that when a person is at their strongest and most capable they are most alive!!! That is why I push myself to the very limits of strength and power. TO FEEL ALIVE!!!”

Derek Boyer - Malaysia
Feeling alive in K.L. Malaysia on conans wheel. This event takes you to the very limits of endurance and beyond!

Legendary icelandic strongman Jon Paul Sigmasson used to cry out “It’s good to be alive if you can dead lift heavy”

Dertek Boyer - Strongman
Training Qualifications
  • Registered Personal Trainer VIC – FIT Reg.

  • Level 1 Strength Coach.

  • Level 2 First Aid.

  • My greatest qualification comes from experience; Trial and error and a constant exposure to W.S.M. Competitions and other world class athletes.

About Derek Boyer

Derek Boyer, Strength Specialist, 8 times World Strongest Man competitor and finalist, Martial Artist, TV Personality, movie actor and life coach. As seen in cinema, Transworld International Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, MTV, Euro Sports, variety shows worldwide and all major Australian television networks.
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