Lose 10kg in 20 Days

Do you Want a Ripped and Functionally
Strong Body?

Are you carrying an extra few kilos you’d like to shed right now?

Do you like the idea of traveling within a leaner sleeker body that’s built for action?

Would you like more energy and stamina to overcome any obstacles?

Maybe you’d simply like to look better by getting rid of the beer belly and love handles that prevent you from wearing designer label slim fit clothing?


Well the good news is I’ve done this recently with exceptional results. Read on to find out how.

Why I Had to Shed 10kg in Just 20 Days

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Recently I was challenged by the Australian Sumo Federation to compete in the Oceania Sumo Championships held in Wellington New Zealand. But the catch for me was they wanted me to fight as a middle weight. I would have to lose more than 10kg of fat in just 20 days to make the weight.

I accepted the challenge and officially dropped 12.05kg in 20 days to easily make the middle weight division and crush the competition. I won undefeated.

Lose-10kg-in-20-days-ebookHow You Can Do the Same

During the 20 days I kept myself accountable and posted my weight loss progress daily on facebook.

I received thousands of comments and emails from people wanting to know how they could do it too!

We documented every meal and exercise – so that it can be followed by anyone wanting to achieve the same results – (or even better) – in just 20 days.

“Those who know me will understand that I am meticulous about detail and obsessively driven towards performance outcomes. This program is exceptional and delivers a fast and effective ‘lean, strong and healthy’ outcome.”

What Makes This Program Different?

What sets this program apart from anything you may have tried in the past is that I have taken all the ‘fat out’. You will not read any technical jargon or academic banter. My program delivers a very easy to follow action plan that I use myself to lose weight fast – to get shredded and prepared for battle.

Warrior races throughout history like the Spartans, Vikings and Samurai have understood the importance of lean simple diets that were complemented with rigorous daily exercise programs that transformed them into ‘lean strong and healthy’ war machines that were truly effective.

The simple act of taking up my 20 day program will set you apart from “Normal” and propel you to a new level of performance. Become your own vision of greatness and shine by taking action now!

Download Instantly for only $27

Tested and Proven Method

As mentioned, I endorse and use this program myself to strip weight fast to get shredded and prepared for battle. I use a combination of the proven methodology from the Boyer Weight Loss Method and my own competition preparation schedule.

These tools have led me to reign undefeated in every single competition I competed in Australia for 15 years as “Australia’s Strongest Man Champion” , Multi Guinness World Record Holder and longest standing competitor at World Strongest Man Competition for 15 years.

decore3How My Strategy Works

The strategy I use to create a “lean and shredded physique that’s functionally strong” is to create a calorie deficit everyday by burning more calories through an effective exercise schedule than is consumed with a high protein, nutrition rich, low calorie meal plan that supports a healthy constitution. I’ll also give you my supplement recommendations and some tips of what the Pro’s do to cut weight fast to achieve performance outcomes.

Who is this Program Suitable For?

I have designed this program for anyone serious about losing weight and developing functional strength fast.

Regardless of whether you are a relative novice or you have been working out for some time, this program can work very well for you.

I have made provisions and specific calorie counted meal plans for both males and females that are very simple to follow.

This program is designed for responsible adults above 18 years of age who are physically healthy and able to exercise at a competent level. If you have any disability or possible health concerns please consult your doctor and or specialist before taking up this program.

Download Instantly for only $27

What’s Covered



This is a performance driven program that is designed to push you out of your comfort zone.

Consult your doctor / specialist before undertaking this program to make sure there is no conflicting issues that may cause distress. Please be aware that fast weight loss can affect your current health condition. If you currently take medication, rapid weight loss may affect dosage requirements.

Win One-On-One Personal Mentoring

As a performance specialist and mentor I love to see amazing results! Purchase now and complete the 20 day program as I have instructed and show me your amazing results at the end of the program. Send details of your progress, with proof and photos via the contact form.

If I decide to publish your results and picture on my website www.derekboyer.com I will give you absolutely free of charge my ongoing 30 day mentorship package valued at $997.00

This performance mentorship package is only given to a select few that have truly proven themselves to being exceptional.

Here’s What to do Now

  • Buy my “Lose 10kg in 20 Days” Program straight away
  • Follow the program closely – give it your best effort for 20 days
  • Test and measure your results
  • Email me with your results and wait for my reply

Best wishes for your success

PS: If you have any questions about this program, please contact me and I will answer you as quickly as possible

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