Do You Want To Get Massive And Strong Fast?

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Have I got your attention?
Stone lifting training builds massive strength that
World’s Strongest Man Competitors like myself know very well.


Get Massive and Strong by Lifting Stone” is the most definitive “How to book” describing the cultural history, expert strategies and performance programming for “Natural Stone Lifting” – available anywhere!

There is simply nothing else that comes close to it!

In fact as I look around right now – there is very little information anywhere in the world on how to train effectively with natural stone to get stronger and bigger.

I have no doubt that the program outlined in this ebook will hit a nerve with current concepts of how best to train effectively for functional strength, and lead to an avalanche of new interest and invigorated functional strength programming that utilizes ‘The Olden Days approach’ of lifting heavy natural stone.

What’s So Good About my Book?

As the name “Get Massive and Strong by Lifting Stone” suggests, this ebook has a very clear objective.

It shows anyone, no matter who they are, the important background and historical value of lifting stone to get massive and strong, and importantly shows in a very clear and usable way the best way to train effectively to get what you are looking for.

Results are everything to me!

I believe that great results should be achieved in the simplest, fastest and economically viable way possible! And that is what you will achieve with my Get Massive and Strong by Lifting Stone program.

  • No expensive gym membership needed
  • No expensive equipment needed
  • No expensive Personal Trainer needed

Just fantastic results! With a great new experience and skill set!

Why Is Lifting Stone The Way to Go?

What makes training with Natural Stones so good is that they are free to use and are accessible to anyone anywhere. Every natural stone is uniquely different and presents as an incomparable and exciting challenge.

The standardized weight of 100kg in one gym will be the same 100kg in all other gyms, but do not make the mistake of thinking that two stones that weigh the same will get the same results! Each and every stone has its own tricks and personality and will test you with a unique experience, and this is what makes Stone Lifting so exciting and challenging.

The Beauty of Non-Symmetry

Unlike the normal well balanced and symmetrically loaded gym training systems (you may have become very good at) – Natural Stones present as an awkward, unbalanced and gruesome training tool that is tough to handle!

The ‘non symmetrical’ nature and unique shapes of each Stone means that there is variances every single time you lift them. Stones don’t come with nicely balanced handles and they will tear the skin if chosen incorrectly or lifted badly. Natural Stones are very effective in building ‘real world strength’ and represent one of the best natural training stimuli available.

Toughen Up!


Stone lifting makes you super strong

If you are like me, you will love the opportunity to get outside and seek adventure. I love the idea and challenge of training outdoors in the fresh air. I love the experience of ganging up with a group of friends to go exploring to look for the perfect stone to challenge me!

Training outdoors comes with its own challenges. . . unlike the climate control environment of a gym, you will have to negotiate, heat, rain, wind, storms and all the wild creatures that hide underneath stones and lurk in the bushes around you.

Heavy intense stone training will make you tougher and stronger with ‘real world strength’ much faster than working out in a gym!

It – will make you brutally strong!

Stone training is so effective it makes you better at all other sports. Why?

Because it’s harder! And therefore makes you better! The “non symmetrical” nature of lifting stone lends itself to a greater improved strength that carries well into all other things.

Why Do You Need to Be Stronger?

  • Need more power in a football scum tackle?
  • Need more power to carry your fridge outside to defrost?
  • Need to push a truck out of a bog?
  • Need to fight in the Ultimate Fight?
  • Need to lift a car that has someone trapped underneath
  • Need to lift your girl-friend above your head?
  • Need to wrestle a bear?

Then start my Stone lifting schedule found in “Get Massive and Strong by lifting Stone” today…

Discover the Safe Stone Lifting Techniques

As there are so many benefits to lifting stone, there are also some very important considerations on safety and proper technique that must be addressed, which is covered in detail throughout this book. I clearly show you all the do’s and don’ts of Stone Lifting that is vital for you to know before you go out and begin…..

Who is “Get Massive and Strong by lifting Stone” Suitable for?


Warrior Women lift Stone

I have designed this program predominantly for men who have some experience already with weight lifting and are looking for a turbo charged new training method to get massive and strong fast.

It is suitable for Strongmen, Power-lifters, Cross-Fitters, Weight-Lifters and Functional Strength Junkies.

However – women can also do this program. I’ve made some provisions in the program for women to use so they too can achieve amazing results.

Get Properly Trained

My “Get Massive and Strong by lifting Stone” book delivers

  • the cultural significance and history of Stone lifting, including the reasons why
  • all the specific exercises you need to perform to get massive and strong fast, with clear step-by-step photographs and detailed explanations of how to perform each exercise in perfect form
  • important tips and the fundamentals of “how to” and “how not to” lift Natural Stone.
  • a comprehensive Performance 30 day Training routine with all the exercises and set sequences listed graphically and easily for you to follow.
  • a Performance Diet with a whopping 10,000 calorie program that’s used by World Strongest Man Competitors on the bulking up phase. (Don’t stress if this seems too much right now. You are encouraged to use the food choices provided and scale them down to suit your personal requirements.)
  • a performance supplement review to turbo charge your results.

If you thought the 20 rep Squat program was brutally effective wait till you get a load of these!
Try my challenge! Find a “Moderately heavy Stone” and Zercher Squat as many reps as possible for 3 sets of 60 seconds! This will give you a taste of what you will find in my Program.



Build a Massive and Powerful Chest


Build Herculean Shoulders


Build bullet proof ABs and insane pushing strength


Build a rock solid core

Download Instantly for only $27

Here’s What You Get


Here’s What To Do Now

My recommendation to you:

  • Buy “Get Massive and Strong by Lifting Stone” right now
  • Digest all the information
  • Show the program outlined to your doctor for approval
  • Implement the 30 day program as best as you possible can
  • Send me details of your progress, with images. It they’re impressive, I’ll feature you on my website and facebook page.

It’s a perfect time to start right now! So go for it and have fun!

Download Instantly for only $27


Stay forever strong. Derek Boyer


All the information I present in this Ebook is Performance Enhanced and designed to achieve amazing results. The 30 day program listed is a guide only and is not for the faint hearted! The routines and exercises printed are purposely hard and brutally intense to achieve great results fast.

Please consult your doctor and or specialist before undertaking any information I have provided within this program. Chances are within a short time after taking up my Program you will be ripping out of the clothes you are wearing now because you have grown more effective muscle bulk.

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