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Welcome To The Ultimate Survival Challenge

Your Gladiator $10 a week Challenge

  1. Pledge what you normally spend on food in one week
  2. Spend just $10 on groceries for an entire week and live exclusively on it. No hand-outs or giveaways.
  3. Complete a 5km walk with a 10kg back pack on every day and complete a 60 minute full body training session every day for 7 days.
  4. When you have successfully completed the Challenge, donate the money you have saved to a Charity near you that supports the Homeless.

Why you should take up this challenge right now

Your-Gladiator-ebookI’m sure you will agree with me that the world we now live in has been driven crazy with consumerism, fast food and desensitization of the true importance of food as vital nutrients and energy that allow our bodies to function optimally for greater quality of life.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I charged with vital energy and strength or am I flat without any real purpose?
  • Am I currently over weight and could lose some unwanted fat quickly?
  • Am I currently buying fast food that is low in nutrients that makes me feel sick afterwards?
  • Am I connected and intensely appreciative of the food I have?
  • Do I give back to the community that I live within as a true invested member?

“Your Gladiator $10 a week Challenge” E-Book addresses all of the above in just 7 days from your purchase.

So are you interested?

homelessFact is, we have become so lazy and spoilt for choice with what seems to be an endless stream of empty “great tasting” food products that we have lost our respect and connection with all food and each other!

I put it to you that it smacks of poor character and being completely spoilt to be so wasteful when so many families are struggling to survive from day to day. Families that literally live in the back of cars, under bridges and on park benches right around the corner from where you live right now.

What Would Happen to You?

But imagine if it all came to a crunching halt tomorrow? What if a cataclysmic crisis occurred and the western world was brought to its knees and food was a little harder to come by, how would you cope?

How Would I Cope?


All food is a precious gift, all food is energy and I will eat the food you throw away

My answer:

“I can tell you sincerely that I would cope because I have experienced the hardship and challenge of the Gladiator $10 a Week Challenge.  I’ve learnt valuable skills that have been life changing. Since completing the challenge I’ve incorporated these skills into my everyday life and that has made all the difference.”

This challenge is the best way for you to reconnect to the true value of food as a precious gift and resource that sustains life

The Gladiator $10 a Week Challenge provides a great opportunity for you to give back to your local community as an appreciative member. This is a fantastic experience and a privilege to experience.

It’s amazing how different we look at food when we have limited resources.

Simple mundane produce becomes exciting life giving sustenance that tastes delicious”


“Its amazing to bite into a frozen pear of frozen banana when you are really hungry…

“It’s my bet that you will never look at food in the same way again after taking on this Challenge”

Imagine these very achievable benefits in just 7 days from now?

  • Reconnect to all food as a precious gift and waste nothing.
  • Donate graciously the money you save to the homeless as a recognised community member.
  • Lose up to 2.5kg / 5 lbs of body-fat in just 7 days
  • Put 300g to 800g of lean muscle on your frame.
  • Increase your Metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning furnace.
  • Reduce your visceral fat fast! (Fat contained in vital organs )
  • Lessen your environmental footprint.
  • Develop survival empowerment and strength of character.
  • Save bundles of cash over the long term whilst improving your health.

Live like a Gladiator for 7 Days!



Gladiator Gruel Soup

Gladiators were tough because they had to be! The strong survived and the weak died in the arena.  Gladiators lived on limited rations of mostly a vegetarian cuisine and endured a rigorous training routine every day to develop stronger healthier physiques that contributed to their survival.

I’ll show you a secret staple that the Gladiators used to sustain themselves through gruelling training days called “Gruel”

And I’ll test you with a worthy exercise program that will produce immediate results with fat loss and muscle gain.



You May Ask Yourself “Can I do this Challenge?

Anyone anywhere around the world can do this Challenge as long as they are fit and healthy and have their doctor’s permission to complete the challenge as stated.

Important note:

The idea and concept of this challenge is to live on a very limited resource for just a 7 day period whilst undergoing a 2 hour a day workout schedule every day.

If you deviate slightly from the specifics I have mentioned to suit your specific needs or unique conditions, that is ok! You still win!

For example if you cannot walk 5 km with a 10kg backpack, but ride a stationary bike for  40 to 60 minutes every day instead, and complete the every day workouts in less time as I have indicated, it’s still OK!

Complete the Challenge as your best effort and learn from the lessons this challenge offers, then donate your saved money from your normal weekly spend to the closest charity to you that supports the homeless.

The really cool thing is: “Your Gladiator $10 a Week Challenge” will not leave you out of pocket as you will be donating the money you have saved from your normal weekly spend to worthwhile charities.  The only thing you will lose is unwanted fat, Fast!

image1This is a worthy challenge with a great learning curve and opportunity to give graciously back to your tribe.

Front up and be accountable! Have purpose and design to your unique role as an important member that contributes.

Ensure you  read Your Gladiator $10 a Week Challenge book thoroughly – to get all the useful strategies, recipes and a training program that you can use as a template through the Gladiator 7 day Challenge.



Get The Ripple Effect of This Challenge!

butterflyYour effort in taking up this challenge is very important to me and many others whom you will never meet.

Your efforts will inspire others both local to you and in many places around the world to take up their own journey of discovery with this valuable challenge.

When you take up this challenge make sure to tell your friends and show and tell the world through your preferred social media outlet (Facebook / Instagram etc ) of your experience whilst undergoing the Gladiator $10 a Week Challenge.  Indicate both the highs and the lows you endure, and importantly tell of the obstacles you had to overcome to succeed.

Direct your audience back to this page too so they can access the crucial material I’ve prepared in the Gladiator $10 a Week Challenge book.

Your-Gladiator-ebookHere’s what you get

In this comprehensive 60 page ebook “Your Gladiator $10 a Week Challenge” you will receive:

  • Strategies that help you lose unwanted fat fast.
  • Strategies that will increase lean muscle.
  • Secret Gladiator diet revealed – Gladiator Gruel Soup
  • Strategies to help you prepare yourself mentally
  • Strategies for your fitness and strength

Join us Now on the Worldwide “Gladiator Tribe Challenge”

  • Live like a modern day Gladiator for 7 days, endure hardship with limited food produce and sustain the gruelling training program I have created as a true testament to calling yourself a true modern day Gladiator.
  • Inspire others with your efforts through Social Media and word of mouth to join us!
  • Direct them to this page to download the Your Gladiator $10 a week Challenge to begin.

Derek Boyer, The Gladiator


Important Health Disclaimer

The author and all other contributors accept no responsibility for any consequential actions taken,  whether monetarily, legal, or otherwise, by any and all readers of the materials provided. It is the sole responsibility to seek professional and/or medical advice before taking any action on their part.  Results will vary based on their skill level and individual perception of the contents herein, and thus no guarantees, can be made accurately. Therefore, no guarantees are made.  Finally, before attempting any new exercise routine, it is always best to check with your personal physician.

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