Dead Ball Training Masterclass!

Do You Want to Develop More Functional Strength?

A strength that holds you in good stead in the real world.

. . . A strength that is befitting of a rugged muscular athletic physique that is capable of turning the tide of any regional level football match or lift and push a heavily bogged car out of thick mud?

Maybe you want to dominate your next cross fit regionals or smash a new power lifting record that in your mind has been standing for way to long?

Why Dead Ball Training?

Derek Boyer Dead BallWhat makes Dead Ball training so effective and necessary is that unlike the normal well balanced and symmetrically loaded gym training systems (you may have become very good at), Dead Balls present as an awry, pliable, shape changing and awkward training tool that shifts the weight and load around your body.  This purposefully mis-loads your lifting planes of motion, making your job harder but far more effective at developing real world strength.

For anyone that has completed a short intensive 60 day course in Dead Ball training will tell you when you increase Dead Ball proficiency through intense short workouts, you become stronger, much stronger at all things that require heavy exertion – like power squats, snatches, power cleans and bench presses.”

Core strength will elevate to new levels allowing your upper body strength to connect more efficiently with your lower body strength in symbiosis that ultimately raises physical capacity to perform at all things.

Don’t take my word for it, try the Dead Ball challenge for yourself!

Derek Lifting Deadballi.e.   Assuming that you are a strong guy . . .

  1. Load up 100kg on a bar, and high bar squat as deep as possible as many repetitions that you are capable of. Most strong guys will complete 20 to 30 repetitions comfortably. This is the symmetrical model that most of you are used to with normal training systems.
  2. Now take a break and rest until you are fully recovered to be able to do the same squat test again.
  3. This time instead of using a nicely balanced bar with equal weight on either side across your shoulders, you will lift an 85kg Dead Ball from ground to shoulder, and whilst holding the Dead Ball securely on one shoulder (severely mis-loading the weight to one side of your body) brace and flex your core and squat deeply as possible for maximum repetition as you had just done with the high bar squats. This is an example of the non symmetrical model that Dead Balls present.

What you will find straight away is just how much you suck at Dead Ball Shoulder Squats!

Most strong guys will be lucky to manage 2 to 3 total repetitions from full depth Dead Ball Squats . . .which is a far cry of the first much easier effort of using a symmetrically loaded bar.

The point that is made from this challenge is simple!

In the real world you will  rarely be confronted with well balanced symmetrical opponents or symmetrical loads that have to be engaged with.

The real world is an unbalanced unyielding bitch of a place!

It’s not a comfortable balanced place like your gym, so why – if you want real strength – are you still persisting to train in traditional gyms which prove to be second rate environments for negotiating non-symmetrical environments?

Loads and opponents come at you from an endless amount of pathways as non Symmetrical entities that you will find yourself having to push or pull against from awkward angles and often you yourself will be caught in unbalanced circumstances having to generate strength and explosive power from.

The Solution

The solution to creating real world strength is to implement effective Dead Ball Training routines into your normal training plan, to radically boost your performance strength, power and endurance to all things.

Effective Dead Ball training makes you stronger at symmetrical loads as well!

What this means is –  that when you become more efficient at wielding Dead Balls in effective training routines, your repetition for max and your 1 rep max on normal weight lifting bars goes through the roof.

Who is Dead Ball Training Suitable For?

Power lifters, cross fitters and weight lifters will all benefit significantly from taking up Dead Ball training as part of their weekly programming.

Beware! When you take up Dead Ball training there is a right way to do it and there are many wrong ways of doing it.

Dead-Ball-ebookGet Properly Trained

I’ve developed a Dead Ball Master Class ebook – which breaks down all the specific exercises you need to perform to be effective at building real world strength with clear step by step photographs and detailed explanations of how to perform each exercise in perfect form.

Dead Ball Master Class clarifies the reasons why you need to train with Dead Balls and gives you important tips on the necessary fundamentals of how to and how not to lift Dead Balls.

Importantly this ebook shows you how to put together specific routines like:

  • Bull Dog
  • Atlas
  • Core Carnage
  • Strongman
  • and many others that will bring tears to your eyes and make your knees quiver!



These routines are not for the faint-hearted. They are made purposefully hard and brutally intense to achieve great results.

My Dead Ball Master Class ebook also incorporates planned weekly programs for the beginner, intermediate and advanced lifter to use as a guide to fast track results.

As a bonus I have included a Dead Ball Lifting Schedule / Competition for you to complete and fill in at the end of the ebook.

Here’s What To Do

My recommendation for you is

  1. to do the challenge straight away
  2. then proceed with the appropriate Dead Ball routine for your level over a 4 week period
  3. then conduct the exact same Challenge again.

Compare the results to see just how much better you have become.

At this point – retest yourself in the Real world with your normal everyday exercises or sport to see just how much stronger you have become in a very short time.

…. And let me know your results!  Send me your starting point and your progress after 4 weeks – with photos if you want to!

Stay Forever Strong!

derek boyer

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